Please read:

This is general information about myself, my work procedure and waiting time.

You have to be at least 18 years old, NOT pregnant or high on intoxicating substances to become a wearer of a tattoo. 
No exceptions.

I tattoo mostly japanese and some realistic designs, which includes also small one-point tattoo by customer request,
so it’s not only big stuff.

I tattoo with disposable grips and needles and my private studio and all colours are meeting newest EU hygiene regulations.
I often do cover ups, but rarely continue unfinished work by other artists, but you can always ask.

The studio is closed on Sundays and Mondays. 

Appointments are usually given for 11AM and 15PM slots on my working days. You should first come for a consultation
(usually around 18:30 weekdays) to speak about your wishes and to take measurements. If that is not possible we will have to draw on you on the day of your appointment and then tattoo it right away, which is absolutely fine as well. 

I beg you not to underestimate the pain especially on the torso area. More so if it’s your first time getting tattooed. Many people do so and are quiet surprised. Most people come once a month for a 3-4 hour session (for the large designs). Usually you need at least 2 weeks between appointments for healing time. The appointments are somewhat flexible and cancellations are possible however please let me know as early as possible. 

IMPORTANT: Please always reconfirm your appointment a day before! Especially if you come from abroad!

Please bring: A towel and your own healing cream, like Panthenol, Hustle butter etc.
Please eat something before each session and do NOT take any alcohol or drugs! The use of Numbing cream is ok if we talked about it before.

Each appointment is between 1 and 4 hours long with some exceptions if you’re able to sit longer on a big project. It always depends on your design, pain resistance, skin type and body size, to figure out the total of hours. 

A back piece always includes at least half of your buttocks.

I charge per hour and purely for the tattoo time. The consultation, the drawing ofyour design and all the preparation time are included in the hourly rate, which needs to be paid on the day of the tattoo appointment in Euros.

I usually have a waiting time of a month to start new pieces. If this hasn’t answered all of your general questions
please let me know.